How to Buy

how to buy:

1. Send your inquiry to
or send a massage or whatsapp to +6285624556687

2. The admin will reply to you most lately in 1 hour time.

3. payment using bank transfer

IDR account
*** Beneficiary     : Mohamad Danial
Banker                 : Bank Central Asia
AC # (IDR)          : 066.2763 436
Address                : Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 54
Bekasi 17141, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Swift code             : CENA IDJA

We also accept payment from Western Union and Paypal

4. Send your proof of payment to or to +6285624556687

5. The package is ready to be send

We have send this products to France, England, USA, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, and Tunisia

6. There is 100 percent money guarantee if the package is not arrived (DHL delivery service)

Best Regards

Indonesia Tea Corporation


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